Problems with the positioning of the premium section


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I have a question, those who are in the premium section should not always be at the top?

How do I make sure that those who pay premiums are always positioned at the top of the list?

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Is there a difference between premium users and featured users? And if so, what are the highlights or how are they put on?
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No premium is just a highlight kind of function, they do not get special ranking ordering.
What they get is possiblly extra daily/weekly/monthly hits in ( check admin settings )
highlighted ranking ( that yellow background )
Possibly promoted in the sitebar ( check admin settings )

Featured member is just a random member, nothing else

If you would like to have premium first, you would have to make a small plugin which modififies the mysql query ordering ( and adjust your mysql indexes for speed maybe, depending on the size of your list, but not to important )

If you check sources/rankings.php, there is
    // Make ORDER BY clause
    $order_by = $this->rank_by($ranking_method)." DESC, unq_{$ranking_method}_overall DESC, join_date DESC";
This line says that the order should be highest "ranking method" first, and on tie breakers, latest members
You would have to edit this via a plugin, so it puts premium up front, followed by the default above

You could use the plugin hook rankings_order_by.php and place
    // Make ORDER BY clause
    $order_by = "premium_flag DESC, ".$this->rank_by($ranking_method)." DESC, unq_{$ranking_method}_overall DESC, join_date DESC";