online shop not working for me


hi mark, basti :)

first of all, happy new year, yeahhhhh loll

so, to me its not possible to complete the order of VL, grrr grrr grrrr
i told you in the past, mark, there is a bug somewhere, and now its happening again

look at the screenshot please and tell me what do i do wrong ?
i dont get it

i tried using google chrome and ie, same error, so better and quicker,
give me your email, and i'll send u the 25 euros, oki ? :)



yesssss youpiiiiii i finally can join the communauty for real, with my own copy, yeaaahhh
heheeeeee gonna ask about a particular stuff i need, but into the right forum section :)
see you around within a few days :)
am just waiting after my new domain registration to complete :)
thank you mark, you and basti for all this so great stuff done, and so many hours coding, and coding :)