Minecraft Votifier Plugin


Staff member
By popular demand we are making available to qualifying lists the minecraft votifier Toplist plugin.

You will need to have a VPS or dedicated server with root access to ensure this plugin works as it requires some advanced configuration.

The one time fee for this plugin is $20, if you would like this plugin please send me a private message so I can verify your environment meets the requirements. This plugin is supported as long as your VisioList license is active.

  • Servercheck
    • Multiple server check protocols from minecraft 1.3 up to the newest, including PE servers and servers behind srv
    • Returns player online, max players, status, version and icon if supported
    • How data is gathered?
      • by default ajax calls on these locations if you follow all installations steps
        • gateway page
        • details page
        • rankings for each member on the current page
  • Votifier has 2 options included
    • Automated
      • Works with gateway or without
      • The user is presented a new type on voting code, where he need to append his website voting user on the url himself
      • The code can be found inside user control panel link code ( or after join )
    • Manual, the default, which i suggest
      • Only works with gateway
      • There is a new input where the voter enters his username from the website he came from so the script notifies votifier if configured.