Important: WHM/Cpanel PHP-FPM update issues


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We want to inform everyone, to please contact their hosting providers, or do it themself if they manage their own Server.
A recent cpanel update from June 9th 2021 included an EasyApache update which is bugged.


While they disabled the rpm a few hours ago, so further damage can be prevented, it probably is to late for many many servers.
This update caused PHP-FPM to be disabled/reinstalled for all server domains, loosing any custom settings you might have.
Additionally, causing file permissions errors all over the place within VisioList as a result of disabled FPM, as web uploads, admin theme edits lack proper permissions to create / modify files.

What to do?
1) Re-enable php-fpm for your websites if it were in use previously
2) Re-configure your domain specific settings, e.g max-children, max-requests if you werent using the defaults

Are you using our banner gif to mp4 converter?
1) Remove "shell_exec" from the list of disabled functions within the domain FPM settings

1) Ater applying the changes above, please test banner upload specifically.
- Does it upload properly?
- if using mp4 conversion, is that working correctly?

As of now, we are only aware of a bug within WHM/Cpanel, but you might suffer the same nonetheless and you should make sure e.g banner uploads are still working as intended.
We try to keep everyone informed on this matter.
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