Import from Toplistx and shell_exec() questions


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I currently use Toplistx and face a problem in that my webhost has switched off shell_exec() for security purposes. My questions for VisioList are:
1. Can VisioList import from ToplistX and, if so, will my current members be able to use the same link on their end that they already have configured (for ex.:
2. Any quirks if it's set-up in a subdirectory?
3. Does VisioList rely on shell_exec() or similar that some webhosts have switched off?

Thank you!


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Hello, Indeed, shell_exec() would open some security holes in shared hosting environment.

1) I can create an importer for your toplistX script, we dont have an importer for that product at the moment but it should only take a couple of hours to create one. Depending on how toplstX stores the user data your users might need to reset their password, I can give you a better idea of this after seeing the database structure. I would also be able to write a bridge script that would allow your members to not need to change their backlinks, unless you want to count pageviews... then they would need to add the VL button code.

2) subdirectories are just fine, no quirks.

3) VisioList will never require shell_exec commands. Our server requirements are very common and will run perfect on 95% of LAMP servers:


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Thanks Mark! I need to get through a major upgrade of another of my sites before I can focus on this but it sounds like VisioList will solve my current problems.