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Added 1.1

- new hook location in index to allow override of wrapper template
- ordering tweak made in skin.php to allow tags to be used in included templates
- tweak to plugins.php and index.php to prevent all files starting with a . to be treated as plugin, this allows for .htaccess protection of plugin files.
- Plugin child templates ( same as skin child feature )
- Better category integration, use any character you like, the url will be made safe. Full backward compability with proper 301 redirect
- Real time mass mail status
- drag and drop custom join fields in admin ( activate / deactivate feature )
- Allow Plugins who use the core validation methods for forms to overwrite the error message with custom text
- Custom join forms "url validation" method now correctly distinguish between IP and URL
- Remaining days premium on main user control panel page. If no premium 0 days + buy now link
- Fix in cron.php which stopped a new day from happening
- Case insensitive for user control panel login username

Added 1.0

the following updates are done:
- Jquery 1.9
- Jquery UI 1.10
- removed old fancybox and jquery UI
- upgraded superfish
- added search by email to manage members
- added unlimited static button uploads to /images/extra/* link code is automatically generated
- edit premium banner path from admin
- stronger security on premium buy function to help prevent cheaters
- redirect added when user has only 1 site (user cp -> edit : no need to choose domain)
- Admin editor for custom pages etc has been updated. this fixed several issues
- removed jplot
- invalid user stats/details/ pages and invalid custom pages now return proper 404 http status
- added in/out chart to user_cp home
- added price confirmation to premium checkout
- added optional cache settings to .htaccess

- Added SMTP sending option
-- Configured at Admin -> settings -> Other Settings
-- Used on Admin -> Email members

the following user recommendations are already in development.

-- control panel option to receive admin emails
-- send individual mail

- Menu manager interface improved for easier creation of sub menus (dropdowns)

- BUG with clean urls, Menu manager automatic trailing slash for sub-directories (blogs forums etc installed on same domain as VL)

Added 0.9

Exportable CSV mail list Added 0.9
-- send HTML mail - Added 0.9
-- throttle mail - Added 0.9

- email notification to inactive members before deletion - http://visiolist.com/community/threads/inactive-user-email.478/
- add/edit custom profile fields from admin
- disable child themes
- wysiwyg editor for email members
- Alert box before child theme overwrites template (avoid accidental template overwrite)
- Add keywords and description to custom pages for use in meta tags
- add {$url} {$title} {$description} etc tags to gateway

- rename logo path to not include "visiolist" to save branding free customers the step of renaming
- Check to ensure no black (empty) screenshots are copied, if black the file will weigh 9KB or so when it should be 100KB or so. This can be used as a check to ensure the screenshot is not empty.
- Check for duplicate page titles on paginated results. Consider nofollow/noindex on paginated rankings. This is now fixed via SEO plugin
- Plugin version check
- Move new_day() functions etc to cron job to avoid zero stats days
- Bann Ip now also works for votes / hits in

Added 0.8
- add/edit languages and phrase definitions from admin
- Improve screenshot rendering process with real time preview and refresh option.

Added 0.7
- Allow admin to set future start dates for premium accounts. Automatically correct conflicting settings. (Active status VS start date)
- Additional premium perks (ie X of hits in)
- Create plugin with template for category title/description
- UTF-8
- AdsCaptcha
- Brute Force Prevention

Added 0.6
- Terms and conditions on join form
- explode multiple answers (four,4) for security question


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We changed routes for that a little. Turned out to be handled as plugin if i understood Mark correctly. But i dont know the details for this one as he just mentioned it a little to me. Also dont know if it might come before 0.7, as i also dont see a required plugin hook in the join template.
Unfortunatly mark is on vacation, i think till end of month.
Maybe he clears this up if he checks the forum during holiday. Removing the "added" from first post


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there is a template in skins/parabola/terms.html where you can set your terms.

however, I will need to post the plugin that goes along with this to make it work, I lost track of this part with error handling on the join form but its sorted now (thanks again basti). Unfortunately I am on the road for holidays and don't have it with me, so I will post it as soon as I am back.


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Thank you both for clearing that up. There is no great rush for it,

Unfortunately I am on the road for holidays
Mark you deserve a break so enjoy your holiday and waste to much of it on here besides we have Basti to take care of us while you are away.


www.votezone.eu , www.privateserversranking.com

Any chance to work on Online / Offline status for website / servers?


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For the core, no. But for a plugin this is possible. Have it flying around almost complete.
new join/edit fields for ip and port.
Just needs integration of the status check, but i dont know when iam able to get onto it


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Yea those steps also miss a few parts, the actual integration of the online offline is the easiest. Ill try to find the time this weekend and pm the plugin to you for testing before it gets an release


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As of 1.0 we use a newer version of the editor on custom pages etc. It seems the old one caused several issues. The look is also improoved :)


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Please Add Payeer and Perfect money Gateway for buying premium membership. Also add a advertising Module with Payment Gateway. User can Buy ads from his Back-end by Payeer and Perfect money