Custom Plugin/Mod Support?


Hey Mark,
As part of helping me decide to throw in to VisioList, I was wondering if you offer a service which would allow us to request a private mod for VisioList.

I think I can seal my niche by utilizing a custom, private mod (not for sharing).

It's not a re-write of the script (afaik), but I have zero PHP knowledge and assume this would work faster than fumbling with it on my own.


Staff member
Hey ryan,
yes, we would do custom requests. We also do much for free ( as we always did in the past ), but if its not something for the mass audience, or not for sharing at all we would require a fee depending on the size of the modification.


Okay, that does sound reasonable. :) I'm sure you geniuses will be able to hash it out in less than a hour! LOL! Still have some kinks to work on, but I am leaning heavily on VisioList to be a part of my website very soon. Thanks for your help Basti!