Bilingual Language translation, Spanish-English


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I have started adjusting English to provide Spanish-English for a site in Mexico as per example

Some is under Content, Header
However, in what file may change the text on the skin so it is Bilingual as well?
Ranking method, Categories, Newest Members, etc.

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1) go into languages/import/
2) copy english.php and name it spanish.php
3) admin, in the menu under content, manage languages. Click import and select your spanish file
4) admin settings, select spanish as default language
5) Now go back to admin manage languages, in the search box you can look for text, eg "rankings" and select spanish as search parameter ( should be default, since you made spanish your default language.
On the results page ( depending on what you search, can be multiple results ), click edit and then adjust the "definition"

Plugins, sometimes also have language, but that is not yet handled by the admin system, and you have to edit it manually.
e.g newest members plugin
1) go to plugins/NewestMembers/languages
2) copy english.php and name it spanish.php
3) edit spanish.php with text editor ( dont use windows default notepad, its not utf friendly, use notepad++ or sublime, or any good editor really )

Now spanish.php is used for the plugin