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  1. cajkan

    Image Thumbnail

    I would also like if possible
  2. cajkan

    Visiolist Docker Setup

    Why you want to proceed with this approach ?
  3. cajkan


    You can integrate DISQUS commenting on your site: They have very easy implementation, also if you have links from other websites we can see what they are using and help you better.
  4. cajkan

    How To Stop Review Spam

    One good solution might be admin approval. So before review is published must be reviewed by admin. This happened to my site where I allowed users to change URLs, and some of the spammers started to submit normal URLs and after few days they changed to some weird sites :) So URL change on my...
  5. cajkan

    How To Stop Review Spam

    Inside admin panel there is profanity filter, did you test that ? I'm not sure if its gonna work but its worth to try.
  6. cajkan

    boxing on the left

    Do you have live demo link so we can preview ? If its bootstrap, you can search on google "bootstrap alignments"
  7. cajkan

    Typo in vote_message_fail

    I think its inside plugin folder, you can edit the HTML manually and adjust to your needs.
  8. cajkan

    Custom Pages use the "main core"

    You must do it via plugin i think
  9. cajkan


    Of course many people visit here from time to time, if you have any questions feel free to ask :)
  10. cajkan

    Offer a simple button

    I had the same problem and yes you need to make new folder inside images/extra So voting link image can be generated
  11. cajkan

    comment function?

    Hello @marco789 most easy to add and popular is Disqus - Simply add the code in the pages you want comments to appear like, details page, custom pages etc... Also you can find plugin here - DISQUS is the name :) If you have...
  12. cajkan

    Massiv Vote Bot "Attack"

    What i recently did was added multiple captchas, on each refresh loads different captchas like: ReCaptcha, hCaptcha, VL Captcha etc...
  13. cajkan

    Website Reviews?

    Into your skin folder you should have few files REVIEWS and you can open that code and comment or just rename the file names
  14. cajkan

    Website Reviews?

    Disqus kinda suck nowdays, because you need either to pay 10$ monthly membership or ads will appear above and below the chat which is bad for user experience
  15. cajkan

    [Resolved] Recaptcha V3

    Re-captcha added rate limitations recently and they want to charge their users which is bad and now most of the sites are using HCaptcha Heres recent update from Xenforo:
  16. cajkan

    [Resolved] Need a little help with upgrade

    I'm running on PHP 8 works really nice thanks to @Basti
  17. cajkan

    Premium Banner table_row table_top_row

    or you can just modify by adding img src="{$banner}" with html tags
  18. cajkan

    VisioList App

    You can use responsive website design and would perform still great so no need for extra app to manage, you save up "resources" and time for development.
  19. cajkan

    Installation problem

    Will notify Basti about this he will be able to assist you he is from Germany also :)
  20. cajkan

    Trying to convert my old aadvark theme

    Basti can do the job for you easy and smooth :)