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    Image Thumbnail

    I am getting a 504 Gateway Timeout when updating the image thumbnail for a site, is this on my side or is the a log file I can view to see what's causing it? I resubmitted my API key just in case and did notice it was way longer than my original so was that changed? **EDIT** I've increased the...
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    Typo in vote_message_fail

    Since I can't seem to find where to edit the typo I figured I would post it here, the word "already" is misspelled.
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    Every Vote Site Showing Same Screenshot

    Visit and click to vote on any of the servers they are all using the same screenshot, did I break something or what? I've removed the screenshot for the time being so it's no longer there but would still like to fix what's broken.
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    Is there anyone alive on these forums?
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    Account Edit Clearing Database

    Is there a way to have it "update" the database rather than rewriting the whole site? I have some custom fields in the database that get wiped whenever you edit your account. **EDIT** After some further investigation it is deleting from the database any field that is created but not filled...
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    Few Errors on Account Edit

    Receiving the following when editing an account: Notice: Undefined index: acct2co in C:\xampp\htdocs\sources\user_cpl.php on line 75 Notice: Undefined index: email_pay in C:\xampp\htdocs\sources\user_cpl.php on line 78
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    Sever Poller

    I am looking for a plugin that can periodically poll a server to retrieve some statistics and then have them output so they can be used in a template. I did not write this but here is a working example of the code on, A sample of what the server returns on a...