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  1. Michel -

    Top Travel Blogs and Websites

    Hoping to connect some of the best travel blogs and websites with the travel and tourism community through social media channels on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. At least that's the plan.
  2. Michel -

    Implemented Website URL / Add Website

    Is there any reason that there's an Add Website option in the Control Panel? Surely, one website per user is enough. In fact, I'd like to see a control in place that checks websites already listed so that people don't add the same website twice.
  3. Michel -

    Implemented Random Site

    The nice thing about this product is that you are both so actively involved with your customers and have great patience with us. One thing I was wondering about is a 'Random Site' feature? Of course, we wouldn't link out to site right off the bat but to their 'stats' page; where, if we can...
  4. Michel -

    Title on Stats page

    I see in wrapper we have the title tag given as <title>{$list_name} - {$header}</title> Which is how it should be. However, on individual stats pages I'd like to have the individual website title come first, in the HTML title tag. ie <title>{$title} - {$list_name}</title> I don't...
  5. Michel -

    Manage Members

    When we manage members in Admin, is there a way to get the list to load by newest to join at the top? At the moment, I tend to Approve New Members first then go to Manage Members to get the screenshot. Searching by name is ok, but it would be one step faster if new members were at the top by...
  6. Michel -

    Core Feature Sitemap

    Is there any plans to create an XML sitemap for seachengines, or is this something that we should just add-in our selves?
  7. Michel -

    Stats Page - Slight Tweak

    I'm sure there's a simple explanation to this but I'm struggling to find it. Basically, all I really want to do (for the moment) is swap the screenshot image over to the left and the h3 content - Username, URL, Category and Member Since - over to the right; so that they replace positions...
  8. Michel -

    Duplicate Link Checking

    The worse thing about running any sort of link directory or list is that webmasters lose enthusiasm when the money doesn't roll in and give up renewing their domain, or paying for hosting. For those of us linking to URLs around the web, this results in a lot of dead links. If our own sites...
  9. Michel -

    Implemented User Profiles

    When I asked about getting users to input Feed URLs at sign-up, the reason given was to encourage new users to come back to fill in the profile. To that end, how about adding Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn input areas to their user pages?
  10. Michel -

    Screenshots Bug

    We seem to have a problem with the screenshots generated for Victoria Falls Blog - Looking in the screens folder, the screenshots are being genenerated but maybe the problem is how the urls are read and then translated. ie...
  11. Michel -


    I've purchased premium and installed the script but can't get the plug-ins. VisioList - Community - Error You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.