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  1. leonor

    Massiv Vote Bot "Attack"

    Hello, currently one of my sites is getting a heavy vote bot "attack". I have already ReCaptcha 2 in my gateway page but this dosen't help. I created a Cloudflare WAF rule for "a=in&u=", this blocked the last TWO hours two million visitors with a JS Challange. Some one else have the same...
  2. leonor

    Premium Banner table_row table_top_row

    Hello, with one of the last VL releases i lost the option to show only $banner in table_top_row_premium / table_row_premium. I used this to display small banner(468x60) in the table listing, and skyscrapper120x600 (premium_banner) to display them sidebar. right now table_top_row_premium.html...
  3. leonor

    Visiolist ready for php 7.2 ?

    Hi, i am currently using PHP 5.6 for my Visiolist installation, but the support for 5.6 will end in few month. So my questions is, Visiolist already support PHP 7.2 or should i use 7.1 ? Greetz, leonor
  4. leonor

    Plugin / Database query doesn't work

    Hello, i have a custom plugin which not works anymore and i don't know why. list($TMPL['online_servers'], $TMPL['total_online']) = mysql_fetch_row($DB->query("SELECT COUNT(*), SUM(sro_num_players) FROM `VL_stats` WHERE `sro_online` = '1'")); $TMPL['sro_user_count'] = "We have " ...
  5. leonor

    Visiolist Nginx Proxy Server Setup Debian 8

    So after hours and more hours of testing i got it to work! I will try to tell you what i did, i am sorry for my Bad english but i would like to share it with you. Maybe a bigger site like to use it :) I will just show wich conf i did created and using right now maybe i will update this post...
  6. leonor

    Server Https / Reverse Proxy

    Hello, i have some trouble with my new Server "Webserver" and Visiolist. First i think you need to know that i use Https(Let's Encrypt) and a Nginx Reverse Proxy in front of mine Web-Server. I installed my VL worked fine, then i deleted /install and tried to open my new installed Visiolist...
  7. leonor

    How to show some premium members above {$content} ?

    Hello, i want to list some Premium Members above my normal listing, i know i can use {$featured_member} for it, but this will show me only one Member and i want to show some more. I saw some people using something like that but i couldn't find anything about that :/ I hope some one can help me...
  8. leonor

    How to create plugin for Admin Category Settings

    Hello i need a extra field in my Category settings, for every Category. Because i want to display in every category some extra lines. But i don't know any plug in hook for this area and i don't know where i have to search. Any one have a idea i can create something like this? greetz...
  9. leonor

    Multiple Homepage URLs google error

    Hello, i dont know if any else have this problem too, but when i log in to my google anylytics acc and check my VL sites i get on ALL an error/notice like this. Its appear in the right Corner: I have already this in my gateway.html for some Month but i dosent help <META NAME="ROBOTS"...
  10. leonor

    Youtube Plugin HTTPS "error"

    Hello, i switched today from http to https, its working fine but i have a problem with my youtube plugin. When i click on the button from this plugin it appear as usual the inlay popup, but its empty. ( Any idea what i have to do? greetz leonor
  11. leonor

    Get data from DB

    Hello, i try to get some data from my DB what is working so far. I createt a new "Plugin" when i upload this and add the Template-tag to my details site, its working. But other plugins stop working. And when i delete this plugin, details site working fine again. The Table where i get this...
  12. leonor

    Join Fields show

    I want to Display some information for my ussers. like you can see below. The Problem is, i need to display - "Right Box = Visible Text" But i get the left box :/ Some one have idea what i can do? Is there a other Tmp code to display the...
  13. leonor

    Bug Fix Double Meta Description

    hm sorry that is ask, but i cant find it any more in the forum. Google Webmaster tools says me, that i have Double Meta tags on all http://siteurl.tld/page/* i dont know why i added Meta Description/Keywords to my Custom pages, but still i see the Meta from frontpage :/ I use vl 1.3 and SEO...
  14. leonor

    Moving to new host

    Hello, i tryed to move one VL list to a new Server, my test VL install was running fine. Now i tryed to move the VL list from one Server to other Server, same setup but i get alot of Warnings :/ Some have an idea what i did wrong? greetz
  15. leonor

    No Screenshots and ver. Number

    Yesterday night i moved my site to an new Server. everything went fine but there are two small problems. First i cant see anymore the right Version Number. And the second when i try to generate new Screenshots i see a grey page. Some one have an idea? greetz leonor
  16. leonor

    Search Autocomplete

    Hello, i have a question, it is possible to create a Search Autocomplete like this *CLICK* for vl? leonor
  17. leonor

    Min lenght description

    Hello, i think we Talk already about it but i cant finde it any more. Some user of mine using to short description so i get an Message from google of to short Meta descrption. Is there a way to make a min lenght of description? greetz leonor
  18. leonor

    New User Tracking in google Analytics

    Hello, i am searching for a way to Track new Site register via google Analytics. The problem is,t hat google only url supports, and that the Join Url und the join finish url the same is. Is there simpy way to change somthing that are the second Url not the same like /join/ ? greetz leonor
  19. leonor

    Tabs on Custom Pages

    Hello i need for a Custom page, was looking for some jQuery. Becuase VL is already using it. and i found this here i am too stupid :( I diddint get it to work in VL Custom Page. Some have an idea how to use it? greetz leonor
  20. leonor

    SMTP Mail send

    Hello, i have a small problem. I cant send Mails with my new 1.0 vl list. Because my Host only accept Connection with STARTTLS and ENCYPTED passwords :/ This one of my Error's that i become from the list :( Some one have any Ideas how to fix that?