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  1. boozhloo2

    A weird registration issue

    Hello I just noticed another weird issue with my visiolist. When users are attempting to create a new account, it's quite common to get a return error of the following: “An error was found in your submission. Please correct this error below.” Many users have reported it so far. No error is...
  2. boozhloo2

    Minecraft plugin

    Does anyone know where I can get the minecraft plugin for my visio topsite? Minecraft server owners have told me that players are not receiving rewards when they vote, and they mentioned that the topsite is missing something called "Votifier" which is basically a minecraft callback function...
  3. boozhloo2

    How Visiolist treats its customers

    Hello everyone, This is just a personal share of my experience with Visiolist/OSempire. I'm writing this post as a public review & final recourse. For anyone considering making a purchase (that requires on-going development) with Visiolist or OSempire, beware that the support/maintenance is...
  4. boozhloo2

    2-Factor Authentication

    Hello, I've been trying to setup a 2-faction authenticator on the admin panel to no avail. I tried the email, but I'm not receiving any emails. I've setup SMTP using google's SMTP host ssl:// on port 465, that didn't work. After a couple of tries, I decided moving to google's...
  5. boozhloo2

    Information "text" subpages have been losing the bold html effects

    Hello, The title pretty much sums up the problem. I have set some "text" subpage paragraph titles to bold with html tags (pages include Contact Us, Terms of Use, etc.) these bold effects have disappeared today. I've tried to set them back to bold, however they aren't taking effect on the...
  6. boozhloo2

    Error: Invalid Category.

    Hello, I've been getting this error on some categories that I've created. Here's the full return: Error Invalid Category. Please try again. I thought it might be due to some of those categories being empty with no listings yet so I've decided to populate a handful of them, still getting the...