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    can not edite template on my site

    hello, help. While editing template from my site, wrapper.html via admin, i can't save it. when i save, i get this message: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to...
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    Help please about

    Hello i try to add a script in subfolder in order to sell banners ads and add javascript in wrapper.html file <div id="topmenu"> {$menu-1} <br class="cb" /> </div> </br> <div id="topmenu"> <script type="text/javascript"...
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    I want to change my domain and install visiolist in new domain

    hello, i want to live my former domain and reinstall the script in new domain? how to deal with licence issue?
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    No update of the script since i purchase - and soon one year

    Hello. I order the script and since, no update of new featured. But the problem, it says in my account that i have only 1 year licence. ???
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    What banner size for Premium Settings

    hello I like very much your script, well i have a question: in admin seting, Premium Settings, it ask: - Banner Width Max. for Premium Members = ??? px - Banner Height Max. for Premium Members = ??? px Please, can you give me what banner size i have to input there. I don't know. So need your...
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    Featured member

    1: I upload rotator banner, but do not know how to use it. and i do not see any fonction to configure it. So my question: where premium banner will be display? 2. Featured member in admin it says: Featured member - You have to add {$featured_member} to wrapper.html after you turn this on. In...
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    How to make my site look like...

    Hi, i need my site look like this one here with a colone of banner at left. How to do?
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    CGI PHP NOT detected

    Hi. I buy this script and when installing, i get this message with read button: "CGI PHP NOT detected. You MAY encounter some file ownership problems when editing files uploaded through the admin interface". 1. What was the risk if i continue the installation? 2. What can i do to solve this...