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  1. Anna

    Error 500 and denied access

    After I upgraded to 1.2 a while back I started to get a error 500 message when trying to access the different stats-page. Obviously that may be fixed by updating to 1.3, but atm we have not the time spared for that, and I have a hunch the problem would be still be there. Suggestions? I have a...
  2. Anna

    Inactive Members

    What causes the switch between being an inactive member to being a active member? Is it number of days since you have had any HitsIn????? And what do you suggest is a good threshold for that?
  3. Anna

    Social Media

    It might be slightly overlapping, but as far as I can tell it does not exist - yet... I want the opportunity for members to add their adresses to their various social media sites: Facebook, Google +1, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram.... These should be able to be reached as small icons in the...
  4. Anna

    Considered Possibility for admin to change Username

    I realised tonight that I as admin can change password for a user, but not the username. Which causes the unfortunate situation that someone that may change blogs/sites often (it happens quite often in my list-world) or add more than one at a time - when their old ones are removed they are stuck...
  5. Anna

    Implemented Exact Join Date

    I would love for admin to be able to see exact join-dates on all members at the same time. As it is now I am sitting with a member that I for my life can not remember if I put on inactive on her own request or if she just now wanted to join again... Or another work-around: Not to show members...
  6. Anna

    Add extra join-elements?

    I have been looking for the possibility to add extra elements on the join form, say Town, interests etc. I can do it allready cant I? If yes, will this be data for just me as admin or can it be seen at memberstats too for everyone? have I dreamt it?
  7. Anna

    Tag clous or subcategories

    What is the status of a plugin where you can use tag clouds or subcategories (I know Mark was not a fan of the latter)? I fo one would love one! :rolleyes:
  8. Anna

    Featured Member in the Table_Top

    Not something I want to introduce right now, but I am just curious how it would look like..... What would it take to move the featured members (randomly selected) from the sidebar to the top of the table_top instead? As in this list: Is it a completly...
  9. Anna

    Extra info in welcome email

    How do I write some extra text into the welcome email that are sent out? I especially want to send out a link to a pdf-document with a handbook of how to do the most of the list to new members. FYI, I have found the php-document for the welcome mail, just do not know the code to show the text.
  10. Anna

    Featured member link to profile or direct to site

    Seriously did not know what to name this topic so.... Anyway - why is it that the links for Featured member and Banner go straight to the members webpage and not to the statistics page? Is that not kind of contra-productive? Dont we want them to stay on our list as long as possible? How do I...
  11. Anna

    Webmaster Tool

    Where is the best place to put either the html-file or the meta snipped required to verify your site for webmaster tool. I tried the plugin used for google analytics but it did not work ^^
  12. Anna

    Booted from the Admin page

    OK, my computor really do not seem to like me..... It have started to boot me from the adminpage as soon as I try to do something. It started with my first list where I suddenly could not access the edit skin section. Well and done, annoying - but that could be worked around via ftp. Now today...
  13. Anna


    This may or may not turn into a plugin-request eventually. But right now I would love just some info! What is needed to make/change to change the way the mrmbersites are sorted? How hard is it? Gor example, by alphabeticsl order, join date, last publushed bloggpost or change (based on rss-feed)...
  14. Anna


    Hi! Although I have been thinking of actually enable reviews although you advice against it (stubborn I know...) I have not yet done so. But I have noticed some oddities: 1) Once or twice I get spam reviews waiting for approval. How do they "get in" if there is no enabled option for review? 2)...
  15. Anna

    Cant acess Stiles & Categories panel

    As it says in the subject. Since last update to 0.9 I cant acess the S & C to edit the layout for my toplist via the user.css. I just get booted to a new loginscreen (/fail-1 ending) whatever I try. I have tried explorer, firefox, hey - I even tried doing it on my iphone to make sure it was no...
  16. Anna

    Some ideas - need feedback

    Ok, some (maybe repetitive for some) background : i am the owner of an extremly small and nisched toplist. It is built with very little knowhow but a lot of love :-) My members are not really that much into SEO or computors, So I have had a hard time motivating HitsIn, adding linkcode and...
  17. Anna


    What is the idea behind the fact that it is impossible to as a member of a toplist to change your chosen banner? Whatever I do I just end up with the original first banner chosen. I can edit it in the admin-panel though. I can see this as a very restrictive as you might want to change banners...
  18. Anna

    Premium vs. Featured etc

    Oki doke - 1. If I would like Featured Memebers look like Premium Members in the side row anc vice verse how would the code like? And will the premium posts still only show a set amount of premium members? 2. Where do I change what strap- file (the flag) I want to use in the table? I have looked...
  19. Anna

    Ranking as Latest Post

    Would it be possible to rank sites after latest update they have done (via RSS-feeds I assume)?
  20. Anna

    Featured Member

    You can edit and add quite a few things within the Featured Member plugin. Can you add a RSS-feed as well?