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  1. Basti

    Category Menu with count

    Basti updated Category Menu with count with a new update entry: Only query active members Read the rest of this update entry...
  2. Basti

    Category Menu with count - Only query active members

    Previous version i also queried inactive members, resulting in wrong counts, this has been fixed.
  3. Basti

    Display page number

    Ye thats what i meant with wrong html, good its resolved :)
  4. Basti

    Category Menu with count

    Ah im querying all members, not just active one. So the category count includes inactive members. Will correct this tomorrow! thanks for the heads up
  5. Basti

    Display page number

    Check your html setup, something in the wrapper or the table files i guess is wrong. The browser tries to correct wrong markup and does it wrong on page 2 cause the "content" area is smaller than the sidebar. And places the pagintion outside of the content area write your html properly with...
  6. Basti

    ich habe da noch eine zweite idee!

    oh yea i forgot inline block and the most important "url" bit :D p.s, no need for full img path, just images/pokal1.png is enough, never input full urls, can easy become a nightmare if you change domains, or skin etc
  7. Basti

    habe noch eine dritte idee!

    Ist moeglich mit nem plugin ( nichts fuer core ), habe aber keine zeit dieses wochenende
  8. Basti

    ich habe da noch eine zweite idee!

    Es gibt ein tag in den files, {$rank} In the table_* dateien mach dir ein element <span id="rank-icon-{$rank}"></span> Mit css ziele auf diese 3 id's #rank-icon-1 { background-image: ('img/trophy-1.png'); width: 30px; height: 40px; } Wiederhole das fuer #rank-icon-2 und #rank-icon-3...
  9. Basti

    ich habe da noch eine idee!

    {$num_ratings} ist fuer die anzahl bewertungen ( mit oder ohne kommentar ), anzahl kommentare gibt es nicht so einfach wie das. Muesste man ein plugin machen was eine abfrage fuer jedes mitglied macht, was nicht so dolle ist. Davon ab ist bewertung auch etwas ausage kreaftiger wenn du mich fragst
  10. Basti

    Created Category count

    Once had this plugin, but not anymore. Here ya go, freshly done replacing the old menu Also moved to plugin requests
  11. Basti

    Category Menu with count 1.0.1

    Add member count to the category menu found in wrapper.html Installation 1) Upload via admin plugin manager 2) In case you removed the template tag from default skin ( or your own ), the template tag in question is {$category_menu} and should be in wrapper.html Html This plugin contains 2 html...
  12. Basti

    Category Menu with count

    Basti submitted a new resource: Category Menu with count - Add member counts to the category menu Read more about this resource...
  13. Basti

    navigation color

    I would not change the global bg-dark, this kills re-use in other places if you want that color there change the css class ( what you added to user.css ) from bg-dark to bg-black and in wrapper.html find <nav class="navbar navbar-expand-lg navbar-dark bg-dark"> And replace bg-dark with bg-black
  14. Basti

    email to members?

    Jop, je nachdem wo du dein server hast ( shared, vps, selbst eigerichtet oder nicht, etc ) gibt es email limits. Meistens pro stunde. Am besten auch einmal bei deinem hoster nachfragen. Dann must du ein bisschen mathe machen mit dieser einstellung um dieses limit nicht zu ueberschreiten. 3600...
  15. Basti

    Problem for ad_break function

    The default skin uses these 2 templates from the child folder ( dont know why, probably should be reverted, causes confusion ) you edited the files inside skins/default/ correct? copy them over to skins/default/child so they stay safe and not get overwritten when an update happens That is also...
  16. Basti

    Edit button text

    In html you can pretty much define your own language tags and then add those phrase name and definition via admin -> manage language -> add phrase for a specific language. Its also a good idea to add it to the default english as well and not just german, in case you ever switch from german to...
  17. Basti

    Your session has expired. Please try again.

    Responsible for that message is when the csrf token is not present {$csrf_token} which need to be inside the form element. Can you show us the edit_form.html? ( if your_skin/child folder is use, look there )
  18. Basti

    VisioList 1.9 Hotfix

    Only apply this hotfix if you already running 1.9 If you not yet did the upgrade, you can ignore this thread as the 1.9 files are updated already To apply, unzip the attached file and upload its content ( folders ) replacing the old...
  19. Basti

    Question about SEO, Description and Metatags

    Edit the SEO plugin 1) inside create folder "child" 2) copy main_welcome.html into the child folder 3) edit the copied file and remove it content ( so its an empty file named main_welcome.html ) Not really sure what you mean with this
  20. Basti

    A weird registration issue

    Ah i see the issue now, This bootstrap theme was done wrong, in that the form error class template tags are place wrong ( this was our fault and is corrected already ). Didnt thought of / remembered that Because of the wrong placement, css cant show the errror message under the fields, cause...