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  1. Mark

    ich habe da noch eine zweite idee!

    span is inline element, so you may need to make it inline-block. Also you are mssing the url segment on your background-image declaration this should work: background-image: url('/skins/default/images/pokal1.png'); width: 100px; height: 174px; display: inline-block;
  2. Mark

    Created Category count

    At the moment, you would need a custom plugin to build a category menu that would include the counts. I will move this to the feature request forum, I'm sure we had this available at one time many years ago.
  3. Mark

    navigation color

    Add this to skins/default/user.css .bg-dark { background: #000 !important; }
  4. Mark

    Problem for ad_break function

    these 2 child templates have been removed for next release.
  5. Mark

    Screenshot server update patch site does not resolve is just slow, that is the screenshot after waiting 4 seconds of load time, white with preloading gif in teh middle. blogspot is blocking our screenshot server, totally unable to resolve that domain. not sure whats going on with...
  6. Mark

    Edit button text

    admin -> content -> manage languages search for that phrase and edit as needed.
  7. Mark

    Screenshot server update patch

    nope sliders will work fine, as long as they are not massive and slowing the pageload down to a point that it doesn't finish loading in time. Can you provide a couple sample URL's that are rendering black?
  8. Mark

    VisioList 1.9 Hotfix

    Updated hotfix. Patches a small index issue in the installer/updater where users may encounter this error on install regarding index on payment logs Fatal error: Database error in "/home/xxxxxx/public_html/install/index.php" on line 1235 Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes in
  9. Mark

    Question about SEO, Description and Metatags

    I believe you mean the OG image You can add these to your child/wrapper.html template: <meta property="og:image" content=""/> <meta property="og:title" content="Your Title"/> <meta property="og:description" content="Your description."/> <meta...
  10. Mark

    A weird registration issue

    yes, templates in /child/ simply override the default skins. So any edits should be made in /child/
  11. Mark

    A weird registration issue

    That is my best guess
  12. Mark

    A weird registration issue

    I just tried a test submission and indeed, got an error message with no highlighted field. As Basti mentioned above, this is most likely a custom join field added in the admin panel but not added to the join form template.
  13. Mark

    A weird registration issue

    strange, I will submit a few tests on your list today and see if I can duplicate.
  14. Mark

    Minecraft plugin

    Sent via PM.
  15. Mark

    How can I change the text color of a single menu link?

    you will need to edit child/wrapper.html find: <a class="nav-link" href="{$list_url}/join/"> Replace with: <a class="nav-link greenlink" href="{$list_url}/join/"> Then add this to skins/default/user.css .nav-link.greenlink { color: green !important; font-weight: bold; }
  16. Mark

    How to remove labels and reposition them?

    no problem, these are edited in table_row and table_top_row templates.
  17. Mark

    Adaptability to mobile devices and space saving

    Hello, all of this is done in wrapper template. Its a basic bootstrap template so you can use bootstrap documentation to help with HTML layout.
  18. Mark

    VisioList 1.8

    MySQL 8 should be fine, but you should update to 1.9.
  19. Mark

    Offer a simple button

    yes for some reason windows 10 zip started to not include empty folders, so on recent releases images/extra/ was missing on fresh installs. This has been fixed
  20. Mark

    button with rank, not working

    I don't quite understand the question, but I can say that this function has not changed in a long time and will be working fine. 1) Make sure you do not have many websites that are tied with the same statistics. 2) ranks on buttons are "cached" so they are not real time rankings. both of...