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    ReCaptcha long time authorisation to admin panel

    Hello. Thank you for adding a captcha for the login form Have problem to login ../admin/ - refresh page, and dont login. allow_url_fopen: on See log: [Mon Jul 06 14:16:11.68.637 2020] [cgi:error] [pid 6041] [client] Script timed out before returning headers: php, referer...
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    Implemented Captcha on authorization

    Hello. How to install ReCaptcha (or hCaptcha) on admin authorization pages? Оptionally available: ../?a=admin ../?a=user_cpl ../?a=lost_pw Security measures against brute force attacks.
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    Not Feasible seo url, replace old style url

    Hello. Now added to the sites directory result pages have a url with login: ../?a=details&u=supermartin /site_supermartin.html (with rewrite on) For VISIOLIST not enough choice display links in other ways. 1. Variant, the URL of the page with name site (title to translit)...