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  1. legendz

    VisioList App

    Can VisioList be turned into a mobile app? More people are on their phone now a days. And voting would be easier and convenient.
  2. legendz

    Graph on Stats

    Is there a tutorial on how to change stats with graph instead of numbers? What source code/programs that can integrate with VL? or A paid plugin?
  3. legendz

    Global Payment Provider for VL

    Can VL integrate Paymentwall, Stripe, Perfect Money, or Skrill for premium checkout?
  4. legendz

    RSS Plugin Error

    When I enable this plugin and add the link, I get this error.
  5. legendz

    Minecraft Now - Top 100 - Top List

    Just another Minecraft top list. I just kept it simple. Minecraft Now - Top 100 - Top List Minecraft Now - Premium Membership
  6. legendz

    Offer A Static Button Image Error

    I’ll try to explain this the best I can lol. In admin panel, every time I click on the “Offer A Static Button Image” and I use it. 1st. When a new user add a site and finishes, they get a fatal error. Fatal error: Uncaught UnexpectedValueException...
  7. legendz

    mySQL Error.

    I'm not good at fixing php stuff. How do I fix this when i'm using XAMPP?
  8. legendz

    Cookies for Visiolist forum.

    Every time I use your website using Google Chrome I get errors. I started using Internet Explorer. Where do I accept the cookies?
  9. legendz

    Contact Form

    What files do I need to fix this? To this
  10. legendz

    Minimum PHP for Visiolist

    What's the minimum PHP version can Visiolist run on? My hosting support said this.
  11. legendz

    AcemanWolf's TopList - Top 100 - Gaming Topsite

    Visiolist was introduced to me by cajkan. I've been messing around with Visiolist for a long time now. I can never keep a toplist because I start getting bored and I just let my domain expire. Well, I'm back at it. This toplist will probably be my 5th one lol. AcemanWolf's TopList - Top 100 -...
  12. legendz

    Contact Form

    How do we add recaptcha on the contact form plugin?
  13. legendz

    Email Spam

    How do we add reCaptcha on contact form? I keep getting spam email everyday.
  14. legendz

    Turn off Review

    How do I turn off the reviews on my topsite? I got an email saying there is a new review but I can't find it. I want to delete it because of the spam review. See attachments.
  15. legendz

    Join Language Flags

    I have been looking everywhere to find where I can edit the Join Language Flags to not have the word "Language". All I want is the flag. Anyone can point me to the right direction?
  16. legendz

    Error found

    Found an error on URL's. The URL for joining the top list but when I added qweweweq like this will still take you to the join page. Same goes with the other URL: - Will...
  17. legendz

    Remove Title

    Anyone has a plugin to remove "Rankings - All Sites"? Look at screen shot.
  18. legendz


    My website have HTTPS and do I need any extra codes to add to .htaccess? Also how do I fix these: And this one I try to put Google Analytics on admin cpanel but it wont let me:
  19. legendz

    Website owner?

    Anyone knows who owns this website I know its VL they are using. I like how its set up. It's clean and easy to use and looks good to the eyes.
  20. legendz

    Google PageRank

    So I heard that Google don't use Pangrank score anymore. What do we do now?