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  1. Mark

    VisioList 1.8 Released

    VisioList 1.8 brings many requested features and enhancements, complete list of updates as well as downloads available here: Enjoy!
  2. Mark

    VisioList 1.8

    Fresh Install Instructions Download from below Upgrade Instructions - Basic 1) Take a backup of your files and database in case something goes wrong 2) Upload and replace all the files from the update bundle (...
  3. Mark

    Remove option for premium members

    To remove the option for members to upgrade to premium members lets alter the user control panel menu template. First, copy this template: /skins/yourskin/user_cp_main_menu.html to : /skins/yourskin/child/user_cp_main_menu.html Then edit /skins/yourskin/child/user_cp_main_menu.html and...
  4. Mark

    Visiolist 1.7 patch

    When I upgraded the resource manager here in the forums, it broke our old plugin version lookup. To fix the plugin version check: open sources/admin/plugins.php find: $version_html = $xpath->query("//div[@class='resourceInfo']/h1/span"); Replace with: $version_html =...
  5. Mark

    Support Forum Software Update

    Hello all, just wanted to let you know that I have made a fairly extensive upgrade to our forum software and resource manager. If you have any issues, spot any bugs etc please let me know. If you are having troubles posting or logging in feel free to reach out to me via the contact form...
  6. Mark

    VisioList 1.7

    Fresh Install Instructions Upgrade Instructions - Basic 1) Take a backup of your files and database in case something goes wrong 2) Upload and replace all the files from the update bundle ( ) via FTP 3) Run...
  7. Mark

    Screenshot server update patch

    I deployed a new updated screenshot server this week, faster and more reliable renders. Simply extract this zip, and upload screenshots.php to your VisioList root directory *(the same location where you see settings_sql.php and button_config.php) Enjoy!
  8. Mark

    Responsive Default Theme

    Hello all, here is the default theme used on the demo that is still under development. The goal with this theme is to keep the code as minimal and simple as possible so its easy to extend and customize into completely different skins. Feel free to install it, if you spot any bugs or make any...
  9. Mark

    Want your VisioList featured?

    Hello all, I am finally getting around to redesigning our VisioList homepage and I would like to show off a few customized lists. If you have a custom theme and would like to show it off, let me know!
  10. Mark

    GoodBye Parabola

    The Parabola theme was developed quickly, with the idea that its life as default theme would be short lived. After 5 long years it has outlasted its expectations, but now its REALLY showing its age. VisioList 1.6 will ship with a new default theme, the theme will be simple, clean, and...
  11. Mark

    Basti Hiatus

    Hello all, as many of you have been asking me for an update on Basti, I finally spoke with him today. The good news: he is alive, healthy and working hard at his new job :) The bad news: his new job takes so much energy out of him, he has decided to stop coding 100% :( His admin status...
  12. Mark

    VisioList 1.5 Released - June 2 2016

    This latest update bring some much needed MySQLi suppor for new PHP version support, as well as several important security fixes. Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy the latest release :)
  13. Mark

    VisioList 1.5

    Fresh Install Instructions Upgrade Instructions 1) Take a backup of your files and database 2) Upload and replace all the files from the update bundle ( ) via FTP 3) Run from your browser...
  14. Mark

    Review VisioList

    Take a moment and review VisioList on hotscripts. Post back to this thread afterwords and receive a free gift!
  15. Mark

    Brave Responsive

    Mark submitted a new resource: Brave Responsive - Alpha Read more about this resource...
  16. Mark

    Happy New Year - 2015

    Another year has come and gone and again I cant believe how fast time is flying by, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your feedback and support over the past year. Your ongoing support and community involvement really means a lot and absolutely has a positive impact in the...
  17. Mark

    Vote Analyzer

    Hello all, I am working on a new plugin to help thwart cheaters and I could use your feedback. What it does: logs details of all voters by user. This allows the list management to review vote patterns, IP adresses etc. At the moment, its very minimal... I am looking for ideas how to...
  18. Mark

    Rotate Premium Banners [Deleted]

    Mark submitted a new resource: Rotate Premium Banners - rotates your premium members banners anywhere you like Read more about this resource...
  19. Mark

    bitcoin now accepted

    Now you can purchase VisioList with bitcoins... Check our home page for quick bitcoin purchase :)
  20. Mark

    Implemented Inactive sites - disabled stats/details page

    When a site is pending approval, the stats page still works if the URL is entered manually. Lets make it so its doesn't. This will discourage spammers hitting lists that may have lazy admins. 1 reported user from another toplist has 123,000 pending members (all spam obviously) and sure...