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  1. cajkan

    Long Term Todo Screenshots file format selection

    I was wondering since google keeps making updates, I think its best if we are able to select format for our screenshots like JPG, PNG, latest thing that google recommends is WEBP which gives really good compression
  2. cajkan

    Screenshots generator problem/bug

    Hello @Mark I think there's problem with screenshot generating I think IF filesize is larger than 1MB goes automatically to 100M maybe some comma is making problem Example:
  3. cajkan

    Screenshot plugin fix - Serve scaled images

    Hello guys, I'm trying to improve my website on : They show that my website uses Serve scaled images: " The following images are resized in HTML or CSS. Serving scaled images could save 18.1KiB (95% reduction). " " File is resized in HTML or CSS from 200x145 to 43x31...
  4. cajkan

    Drop /category/ long breadcrumbs

    I found that website/category/category name looks a bit long and the longer it goes its bad for google So I've wanted to suggest instead of /category/ simply to drop that so it would look like: changed to It would look way more...
  5. cajkan

    UCP Small edit

    Hello guys I wanna edit this message: {$lng->user_cp_premium_membership}: {$remain_day_premium} Is there a way to display orange message if user dont have premium, and how can i display green message if user have premium membership. VL needs lots of improvements :)
  6. cajkan


    Anyone know where I can find this file ? Thanks for your help
  7. cajkan

    {$recaptcha} & {$join_recaptcha} on custom pages

    Hello guys is there any way to be able to make recaptcha working on custom pages ? I've tried adding the code into admin tinymce editor but result returns as normal text, is there any way to be able to do this ? Example I wanna create custom contact page and use captcha to validate/protect...
  8. cajkan

    Modify VL tags

    Hello guys anyone know how can I edit html code example {$menu-1} or paginations By default they have their own classes which I wanna remove etc...
  9. cajkan

    Clean URL 1.5 duplicate content

    I have installed this plugin few months ago, and I have noticed I still get new duplicated content URLs Problems: 1. On plugins admin panel says 1.4 version, but on resources says 1.5 2. I've started getting weird url duplicate content:
  10. cajkan

    Vote Message 1.5 plugin problem

    Hello guys, I've installed today the plugin and I've noticed few problems: 1. When you vote success/fail says - you have successfully voted for it's missing user title name, same happens on already voted message 2. After voting, buttons dont work - RETURN TO WEBSITE / VIEW STATISTICS You...
  11. cajkan

    Problem when generating screenshots

    Weird I got this error today when generating new screenshots:
  12. cajkan

    [Google] Cookie Choices

    Hello VL community, I need more info about this - Cookie Choices Policy: Google said that publishers and users must comply with their rules and they must to that till 30 september. So do you guys have more information about this? 1. I have few questions...
  13. cajkan

    [Ways to Solve] Short meta title and description problems

    Hello VL community, There must be a way to solve this problems from Google webmaster tools: - Short meta description - Short title description All details pages ( in our case users ) if they write some short meta description google expert said best way to solve: - Delete the pages - Make...
  14. cajkan

    [WMT] Duplicate Title Tags

    Hello VL community, Currently im running 3 websites, i was testing lots of stuff and i couldnt solve this issue. Im keep getting on my 3 websites same problem " Duplicate Title Tags " Example: Maybe needs...
  15. cajkan

    Implemented http://http: Remove duplication

    Hello VL, Ive noticed long time ago, that if some user register with http://http:// it gives a bad url when someone visit his website. So i was thinking to solve this problem with some kind of plugin or core feature to detect and remove the http://http:// If you guys want to check if you...
  16. cajkan

    [FREE] Universal SSL certificate

    Hello VL community, Just find out about Cloudflare offers a free SSL certificate: Do you guys have any experience with Cloudflare ?
  17. cajkan

    [SEO] Prepare for the new Bing Feature

    Hello guys, Recently ive found a cool feature from Bing and i think they will attract more searches with it. So prepare for Bing optimizations, try to search more and dont forget to submit your website to Bing webmaster tools. Also i dont think they will beat google but still its a nice...
  18. cajkan

    [Tamper Data] Upload Banners

    Hello VL community, I was watching some videos on youtube, and i was thinking if VL (our websites) are protected agains this method. Maybe users could change/tamper upload banners extensions ??? Thank you very much.
  19. cajkan

    Cheat/Proxies detection

    Hello VL community, I was reading little about proxies detection, and how to protect topsites. It is really hard to detect all the proxies. Here is what ive found on the web so maybe you guys gonna get inspired or some sort. Lets see what others think!
  20. cajkan

    [GA] Tracking Goals for your site

    Hello VL community, Some of you might know about Google Analytics they have a feature to track specific links. You can find this feature : Conversions -> Goals. From here we can set our goals: How many members registered How many members visited buy premium page How many members buyed premium...