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    Massiv Vote Bot "Attack"

    Hello, currently one of my sites is getting a heavy vote bot "attack". I have already ReCaptcha 2 in my gateway page but this dosen't help. I created a Cloudflare WAF rule for "a=in&u=", this blocked the last TWO hours two million visitors with a JS Challange. Some one else have the same...
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    Premium Banner table_row table_top_row

    Sorry wrong example url :/ I did only change the string from banner to banner_url {$banner} {$banner_url}
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    Premium Banner table_row table_top_row

    Thanks for your idea but this does not the trick. When i change to {$banner_url} the prem banner disappear and links like this shows up:
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    Premium Banner table_row table_top_row

    Hello, with one of the last VL releases i lost the option to show only $banner in table_top_row_premium / table_row_premium. I used this to display small banner(468x60) in the table listing, and skyscrapper120x600 (premium_banner) to display them sidebar. right now table_top_row_premium.html...
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    Trying to get SMTP working, get an error...

    When you are using Plesk, you can set a specific SSL Cert for your mail-server in Plesk. So if your TLD you need to set the cert form in you mail server settings.
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    VisioList 1.8

    Hi Mark, i found a small typo. The link give me a 404, you should change it to ;)
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    Yes this is correct ;)
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    Can't download latest versions..

    Hi, it seems like you don't have active subscription. So you can't download the latest versions.
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    Visiolist ready for php 7.2 ?

    Merry Chrismas ! Any news about PHP 7* ?
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    Visiolist ready for php 7.2 ?

    Ah great info, then i will wait for the new release =)
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    Visiolist ready for php 7.2 ?

    Hi, i am currently using PHP 5.6 for my Visiolist installation, but the support for 5.6 will end in few month. So my questions is, Visiolist already support PHP 7.2 or should i use 7.1 ? Greetz, leonor
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    Hi, i have a issue on my server, when this plugin post the /details/user URL to Facebook, then there is a missing ' / ' on the end. The "fix" is very easy, just open join_finish.php Search for 'link' =>...
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    Plugin / Database query doesn't work

    ah got it =) i added my Template tag directly under "{$category_welcome}" and here we are its fixed ! Great, Thanks Mark !
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    Plugin / Database query doesn't work

    No right now i didn't see anything from this plugin. $TMPL['sro_user_count'] = "We have " . $TMPL['num_members'] . " Servers in our list atm, " . $TMPL['online_servers'] . " of which are online right now with a total of " . $TMPL['total_online'] . " Players."; Saw only this line while i...