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    Good luck with your project !
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    Lineage Top Sites

    Good luck with your new website, you should try now to make unique theme and get more users to join.
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    Rank by Rating!

    It can be added but I dont see any use of it its just extra not needed work tbh
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    that's how you treat your customers

    I've been with VisioList since 2012 and Mark and Basti are doing amazing job, you are just lying for simple licence. People like you should not even exist, go bother other places. If I was Mark I would instantly block and ban you from VL.
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    VisioList 1.8 Released

    Thank you very much Mark, keep up the good work with @Basti
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    Working On It Credit system

    Looks really good, I would love to see multiple payment methods, Stripe, Skrill etc... Regarding advertisement packages, might be bad because "we force" users to register. While allowing advertisers to advertise freely without any registration might be also good, so it has good and bad thing.
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    Yes its the same postback/callback plugin that all toplists use.
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    Screenshots timeout

    @Mark I was wondering if its possible to make an update for screenshots like cron, to check users which don't have screenshots generated to be able to auto generate. Example if I have in admin panel 50 screenshots in queue, but if internet goes down or something happens the rest of the...
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    Support Forum Software Update

    Thank you for the upgrade Mark, looking forward to see more changes. I love the main website looks fresh and promising.
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    Unique In/Total In - Does not count

    TOTAL IN is how many people voted for the server overall UNIQUE IN is how many unique people voted for the server For more accurate stats you must enable this feature:
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    Toplist multi-vote issue

    Some users might have dynamic IP address and they might be able to vote again for other server
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    Toplist multi-vote issue

    For example: 1 visitor can vote for 5 users, vote would still count. This doesnt mean its cheating and that is the way its supposed to work. Why you want to limit your visitors to vote for only 1 user ?
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    Responsive Default Theme

    Thanks Mark gonna try this theme and look up the code
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    Long Term Todo Screenshots file format selection

    I was wondering since google keeps making updates, I think its best if we are able to select format for our screenshots like JPG, PNG, latest thing that google recommends is WEBP which gives really good compression
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    GDPR Consent plugin?

    It might be good to somehow track IF users are from EU then to display the message, coz you might/will annoy other people who live in different countries