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    I'm going to go from 0.9 to 1.6 but use the default skin/theme for now (likely customize it later) instead of our current skin.. so should I download the upgrade version and run the update script or use the fresh install package? And of course, I want to keep the database..

    What are the main differences between the two?

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    Im not sure from 0.9, you should make backup first your files and database.
    Ive been using VL since v1.2 and most of the changes are fixes in the core files.

    Try to make backup files and DB, then try to upgrade. If doesnt work fresh :)
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    You need the upgrade then. Upgrade bundles exclude certain files which are edited by the system when you install/upgrade ( settings_sql.php for example ).
    That way you you can simply upload the hole upgrade bundle.
    P.s upgrade bundles are only found in the forums core downloads section

    1) Disable all your plugins, keep them disabled until all other upgrades are done
    2) Visiolist 1.0 was a major change and you would first need to upgrade to that.
    • On the instructions page, do the upgrade method 1
    • Be advised, this version's upgrade zip only, includes a htaccess file. If you have not modified your own, simply replace. Else compare the 2 and put your own stuff into this versions htaccess
    3) If you use a unmodified parabola, update from 1.0 to 1.6 straight
    4) If you already have it modified ( even with child ), i suggest going through the upgrades one by one simply cause the html edits make more sense then.
    5) Still check each versions update instructions after your done please, so you get to know whats new in each version.
    Especially for 1.6, there is an htaccess edit you need to perform and if you have custom plugins and php 7+ you need to check that also
    6) VL 1.3 instroduced a new plugin url check page, so until that point we always note to run a update check after the upgrade. But that wont work if you upgrade from such an old version.
    So for plugins, please do the following
    • once on 1.6, enable plugins one by one
    • find the plugin on http://visiolist.com/community/resources/
    • Upload the plugin so it gets updated
      • Take note of the plugins page update history/install instructions. On some plugins things have changed in regard to template tags

    And yea, like cajkan said. Make 100% sure to have a backup of your 0.9 database and files
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