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    Since VisioList0 0.9 introduced plugin update checks, you might want to make use of this feature if you code plugins and post them here.

    This is pretty simple and all you need to do is complete 3 steps.
    1) Create your plugin or alter your existing plugin. The info.php file needs a version number. This is specified via the following line
    $version = '0.1';
    2) The $url tag in info.php needs t link to your thread

    3) In the plugin thread, specify the version number as well. This is done by adding the following line at the start of your post.
    VERSION 0.1#
    It is important that its written uppercase and have # at the end

    Thats it, now users can check for updates to your plugin :)
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    really nice feature :D i will update my plugins immediately and make use of this
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    Is there a reference area or cheat sheet on making our own VisioList plugins? I'm pretty handy at coding and I'd like to explore the possibility of making and sharing my own VisioList plugins - Thanks.
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    Make sure too read through Marks Post & follow the steps! :)
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