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  1. soccerki

    Any web devs here cheap?

    title. looking for a trusted person. @cajkan you maybe?
  2. soccerki

    Paid Dev

    Does anyone here do legitiment paid development for VL?
  3. soccerki

    Staff Panels

    I seen the thread from here: Had a few questions seen most of the post are non-english, there-fore I ask this question. I seen that this was implemented, but to verify, is there going to be a login for multiple admin/mod...
  4. soccerki

    License Code for users.

    I would like to request a core feature to VL for precautions reasons; 1.) Children trying to release files to think it's funny; Link removed by basti 2.) One license code per domain. I've might of posted this before, but I really think it's necessary. You may think it's not but I do because...
  5. soccerki


    Some basic media of the website. (: ------------------------------------ ------------------------------- Check out the full site and features!
  6. soccerki

    New Premium banner upload

    I have now spotted a hidden secret to bypass Adblocker techniques. Users have had issues with their premium banners showing? I've found a solution. Adblocker blocks all keywords of banner/banners/ anything related. So I've beta tested it, and it worked. I've uploaded of my my premium users into...
  7. soccerki


    Exams over. Thank gosh!
  8. soccerki

    New license key required for activation

    I think there should be a license key for VisioList. Meaning, this is too help prevent other users using nulled scripts, and you must import a license key into the installment form. Good idea eh?
  9. soccerki

    Need writers :)

    Is there anyone interested in writing me a How it works & Terms of Service page? I'm very Lazy and don't got the time to do the work. :P I need rework done to the pages and some text up to date. :P How it works page: Terms of Service Page...
  10. soccerki

    Ok Visiolist :)

    I'm going to try and start referring users to VisioList just because I'm in a very HAPPY Mood. :)
  11. soccerki

    Rate your Administrators :)

    Mark ~ 45% Basti ~ 95% Comment below and tell us what you think :)
  12. soccerki

    CallBack Vote Check

    Users and I myself are wondering what we would put right here: Can anyone help please? :)
  13. soccerki

    Toplist Reset Time

    I've had an error with my Toplist Reset Time for few weeks now, but mine doesnt show the days Reset in 0 days, 9 hours and 20 minutes. It should be showing Days/Hours/Minutes and it doesnt. If Mark or Basti can help me, I'll message you my FTP Details.
  14. soccerki


    Does anyone know how to move the 100x600 Banners to the right sidebar and not always on the left sidebar? If anyone can help, that'd be wonderful!
  15. soccerki


    Does anyone know how to change the background to a image?
  16. soccerki

    Mobile Version :)

    Does anyone know how to get a Mobile Version for VL? If it's possible not just me but everyone else would be very thankful :)
  17. soccerki

    Up & Down Arrow Images

    Does anyone know how to get the up and down arrow images? Here is what Im trying to get at basically <b>IN<br /><font color=#4CC417>{$unq_in_overall}</font><br />{$website_language} <br /><img src="{$skins_url}/{$skin_name}/{$up_down}.png" alt="{$lng->up_down}" /></a><br />OUT<br /><font...
  18. soccerki

    Implemented Plugin to remove auto resets

    This may be a plugin some users may want much a lot. I would like a plugin that you can weather reset the votes yourself or turn auto reset off. Thank you very much :)
  19. soccerki

    Editing the Register Panel

    Hello I stumbled upon a question that most users are having is if they don't have a website but got a server ip, how do I make a checkbox that the users can click to have them not have to import a url on /join ?
  20. soccerki

    Thoughts on my new Layout?

    Thoughts on my new Layout? Index page: Description Page: Register Page: Login Page: I love all feedback! Let me know :)